Kreg Nichols + Chief Operating Officer

As COO, Kreg is primarily responsible for strategic planning, growth, delivery of services, client satisfaction and retention, service line innovation, performance optimization, and executive development. His 20+ years of experience as a transformational operations executive feature surpassing business goals and creating revolutionary growth strategies. He positions organizations for success, spurring profits, increasing efficiency, and demonstrating dedication to customer success.

Kreg has served on leadership teams throughout his career, as well as divisional boards and committees. He has constructed new divisions within organizations, with consistent success in providing complex services while building revenue. As a Six Sigma expert, Kreg’s direction has proven transformative in cost reduction, account improvement, and enhanced organization of practices.

Kreg earned his Bachelor of General Studies degree in Economics, Political Science and Philosophy from the University of Michigan, his Master of Business Administration in Finance and Marketing from the University of Chicago’s Booth School for Business, and his Master of Science in Information Systems from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Originally from Columbia, Missouri, Kreg now resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Prior to Riveron, Kreg provided guidance and consulting in leadership roles with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, McKinsey & Company, and Accenture.

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