Post-Transaction Services for Middle Market Private Equity Firm

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Business Issue:

Riveron’s client has more than $80 million of committed capital, and targets lower middle market companies focused on emerging domestic and underserved markets. These companies possess stable, high quality cash flows and a strong strategic profile. Typical investments range from $15 million to $100 million.

In addition to capital, our client provides significant operational experience and financial expertise to the management partners who operate its portfolio companies. Our client’s team members each have had distinguished careers and understand the unique needs and growth prospects of lower middle market companies.

Our client had recently closed on a deal and added a manufacturing company to its investment portfolio. In order to fulfill its strategy to grow the business, the private equity firm knew it needed a better understanding of prospective financial information. As a result, this client contacted us to provide process improvement consulting and operational reporting transparency.

Riveron Approach:

We were initially asked to provide process improvement assistance related to management reporting, so that better informed operational decisions could be made. Given our understanding of source information available to the business, we were able to give our client an independent assessment of the strengths, weaknesses and adequacy of the existing information system. In the end, we recommended an upgrade of the existing system and elimination of several redundant reports that were being maintained on a monthly basis in Excel.

Benefit to Our Client:

Our client was able to leverage our resources to improve the quality and timeliness of management reporting for its new asset. By documenting key processes, controls, policies, and procedures, we were able to quickly and seamlessly transition day-to-day activities to the new Chief Financial Officer and Controller. With confidence in the results we delivered, our client was able to focus its attention on evaluating new investment opportunities and resolving issues among its other portfolio companies.

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