“When we are trying to close an investment, we need an experienced financial diligence partner who knows how to treat people with respect – Riveron is that partner.”

Ryan Shultz
Evolve Capital


Your acquisition is complete — but there’s still more work to be done. A deal’s success isn’t measured simply by the execution of the contract, but by its longer-term results. That’s why Riveron provides clients with integration services designed to help maximize and realize the full value of each acquisition after the deal is complete.

From post-acquisition integration and project management to interim financial team support, our integration services help bring value and resolution to the most complex financial reporting issues of both entrepreneurial businesses and large, mid-cap public companies. It’s easier to get off to a good start by ensuring integrations are completed with careful thought, planning, and support, than it is to address problems later down the line. Professional support during integration allows your team to concentrate on doing the work needed to ensure the success of your business, and its new acquisition.

Acquisitions require considerable work, planning, and due diligence — and when it comes to creating successful deals, integration is a key part of the equation. Sample integration services include the following:

  • Post-Acquisition Integration, including Project Management Review
  • Post-Transaction Support (e.g. Closing Balance Sheet)
  • Balance Sheet Account Analysis and Reconciliations
  • Financial Reporting System Implementation Improvement
  • Interim Financial Team Support
  • Audit Preparation Consulting
  • Working Capital Analysis & Reconciliation


Riveron Consulting is not a CPA firm